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At Luhmi we believe in smart investments. Investing in our city in a phase when it’s still settling into the top of mind of the most astute investors is a smart move. And we believe in good businesses for all: city, investor and seller.

Property Sales & Investment
Manages real estate investments by offering a solution for the complete cycle of the real estate product.
Short Term Accommodation
Our experience in tourism allows us to better evaluate the investment in specific zones of the city with a lot more ROI potential.
Real Estate Consulting
Evaluation of investment, making sure requirements are met to guarantee the highest return possible at the lowest risk.


Three fundamental pillars to close a deal

Maximum commitment by making your goal our priority is the base for sucess
Win-Win or no deal
Getting the best possible deal for all parties involved is the best guarantor of trusting relationships
We look at the business with principles of honesty, fulfilling what we propose to do

Proven case studys

See some of our deals with proved return of investment.

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Feel free to tell us more about your needs, we have a team ready to help in your next investment

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